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Roy Williams is an American martial artist from Jacksonville, Florida. He holds blackbelts in various styles of martial arts. Williams is the original founder of Lissajous-Do Ryu, a weapons system based off ideas conceived by French mathematician Jules Antoine Lissajous. Williams combined these theories with his own previous martial arts experience to form his own system. Lissajous-Do can be applied to any weapon including empty hand combat. Williams then created his own version of nunchaku called "penchaku" to better demonstrate his system. Penchaku are thin in diameter, and are connected by short cords.

Competitions and Media Involvement[]

Williams has competed in numerous weapons and martial arts competitions including: The US Open, The Battle of Atlanta, N.A.S.K.A, and P.K.A earning the P.K.A. World Heavyweight kickboxing championships 3 times . He has also been featured on the cover of Karate Kung Fu illustrated.

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